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What is Alohana wear?

Alohana is a luxury lifestyle brand based on the values of Aloha and ʻOhana. The love and sense of family native to Hawaiʻi is our inspiration and our original goods are a symbol of just that. Every design is influenced by the feeling of Alohana but also has it's own individual message.

What does Alohana Mean?

Aloha is the Hawaiian greeting meaning welcome and love. ʻOhana, the word for family, is also a concept that emphasizes a connection and cooperation between individuals.

Alohana combines these two words and embodies acceptance and cooperation between friends and family.

Since da hanabuddah days

"Our story started way before we ever had any idea to design apparel, it began outside, with our 'ohana."

Our Products

We take pride in our original prints, unique designs and durable construction. Each piece is created to match the Hawaiʻi lifestyle and we encourage you to wear, use, and overuse our goods on adventures with friends and family, all in the spirit of Alohana. 

Alohana Wear is made with aloha in the USA. Because of this, we guarantee high quality goods made in our own backyard.  

Truly beach lifestyle wear

Founded in Ewa Beach, Hawai'i, and materialized in Los Angeles, California.


Alohana Wear was built on the ideas of love and acceptance. We strongly believe in the importance of self reflection, and finding the balance between chaos and harmony.

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